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Bachelor studies in Katowice


Management BA at KBU!


Faculty: Management KBU

Field of studies: MANAGEMENT

Studies level: first - cycle studies (Bachelor)

Studies form: full time studies

FOUR specialties on Management:

Period of studies: 3 years (6 semesters)

Language of tutoring: English

180 ECTS 


Curriculum - description of study program and specialties:

The main goals of this study programme are to prepare and educate students to become specialists within their chosen spheres of business, including tourism, hospitality and other services important in contemporary world. These fields of interests for international and entrepreneurs, as well as domestic ones, are important for our candidates who are potential employees for these entrepreneurs. This programme is addressed to students who would like to understand marketing strategies on global market, EU market, especially Central and Eastern European markets including Polish market and its features. The deep understanding of contemporary environment to can maximize potential for companies entering these markets and develop market share within their chosen sector(s), including tourism as important part of business management. Modern study programme will help to make bold marketing decisions and achieve the company goals on the chosen market with excellent results. Curriculum is based on main aspects that help building students` confidence in business environment and skills necessary in contemporary business world. 

The bachelor studies programme is addressed especially for those candidates who like being involved in their classes, have high quality expectations and would like to spend their time with other interesting people from different countries on business activities in practice. It is also highly suitable for those entrepreneurs who would like to invest in Poland or other EU countries by founding their business activities in Europe.

During the studies there is also the special subject connected directly to Polish language and culture (business, social and economic) that will help in understanding the rules of marketing and management in business and tourism. To fulfil the need of improving the language skills of students with average levels of English our university offers the option of additional language courses during the studies for students who are interested in improving their language skills even more. As well as other foreign languages that students might be interested in.

Profile Alumni

For those students who rise to the challenge and succeed, our prestigious alumni is an organisation to be immensely proud of and is a badge of honour for any top flight leader in their field. Personal growth, the will to be the best, to make your dreams a reality, are all at your fingertips here at KBU (AG), our multi-disciplinary approach is unmatched. Our study programme has so many different aspects that after finishing this course, you will automatically be widely skilled. A critical professional that effortlessly finds the way in business and tourism – and far beyond. Today’s labour market requires alumni that are well prepared. We know this as academic and practitioners at the same time. That is why we accept this challenge of the contemporary world and offer to our candidates, students and alumni an interesting study programme to accomplish the goal. Such offer is open for you here by the Katowice Business University. We are welcoming you with our professional staff!


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