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Cooperation with KBU


We are enthused that you are interested in cooperating with our university in recruiting international students. We take pride in our international reach and continuous efforts to attract talented students from different countries.

Why cooperate with us?

1. Excellent academic reputation: Our university is internationally recognized for its high teaching standards, excellent infrastructure, and outstanding academic staff.
2. Support for international students: We understand that studying in a foreign country can be challenging. Therefore, we offer comprehensive support, including academic advising, assistance in finding accommodation, and cultural support.
3. Exchange programs and internships abroad: Our programs enable international students to participate in student exchanges and professional internships, allowing them to broaden their horizons and gain valuable international experience.

Cooperation Procedure:

Step 1: Initial consultation
Contact the International Office to discuss the possibility of cooperation and learn about the university's requirements and expectations.
Step 2: Submission of documents
Prepare the required documents and references.
Step 3: Document verification by the University
After submitting the documents, give us some time to verify the documents you have sent.
Step 4: Recruitment work
After successfully completing the qualification, you have the opportunity to extend your role by aiding in recruitment efforts. This could entail supporting international candidates with their study applications, including tasks such as organizing required documents, facilitating visa applications, liaising with the university, and managing other arrival formalities in Poland.
Step 5: Monitoring progress and reporting
The agent assisting in recruitment can monitor the progress of recruitment and the preparedness of international candidates for their potential arrival in Poland. This involves reporting activities and any problems or challenges encountered during the cooperation.

If you are interested in cooperating with our university, please contact us today to learn more about our offer for agents and the terms of cooperation.


Katowice Business University International Office email:

Phone: +48 32 35 70 603


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