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Welcome to Katowice Business University!

Katowice Business University (KBU) is a non-state academic Higher Educational Institution registered in the State Register of Non-Public Schools of Higher Education and affiliated with the Union of Non-Public Schools of Higher Education. We are overseen by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, holding consecutive number 36. Renowned for our commitment to scientific research and high educational standards, KBU stands as one of the top Polish business schools.

With a proud alumni base, we are dedicated to delivering accredited programs validated by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, along with state and international accreditations.

At KBU, we prioritize global engagement and academic excellence. Through partnerships with universities both domestically and abroad, we provide opportunities for student exchanges, international internship and participation in scientific seminars.

We are committed to nurturing the skills essential for success in the modern business landscape, including creativity, critical thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and adherence to ethical standards.

Vienna Branch

In 2008, with approval from the Austrian authorities (Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, KBU established a Branch in Vienna. Situated at Volkshochschule Favoriten in the heart of the Austrian capital, our Vienna Branch offers studies dedicated to international students. Presently, Katowice Business University is the sole Polish university authorized to provide higher education in Austria.

Some facts:

• KBU operates since 1991, is registered in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education's Register of Non-Public Higher Education Institutions as number 36.

• KBU is an academic institution authorized to confer the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences.

• KBU holds exclusive permission from the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education to conduct studies in Austria, specifically in Vienna, through its Department of Foreign Studies.

• Accredited by the State Accreditation Commission.

• Over 65,000 graduates have been conferred degrees by KBU.

• KBU consistently ranks among the top Polish universities in national ranking lists.



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