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Since 2004, AG has been implementing academic mobility activities - initially under the Socrates-Erasmus program, then LLP-Erasmus and now under the Erasmus+ program.

In the years 2021-2027, with the funds of the Erasmus+ program under Action 1 - Educational mobility, KBU organizes:

  • mobility of students in order to complete part of their studies at a partner university or to carry out an internship abroad
  • mobility of academic teachers in order to conduct classes at a foreign partner university
  • mobility of university staff to participate in training at a partner university or non-academic institution
Currently, more than 60 international agreements have been signed with foreign universities, enabling them to undertake this work in the fields of Management, Tourism, Psychology, Law, Physiotherapy, Nursing and others.
In addition, every year foreign students come to KBU from partner universities, who, as part of the exchange, carry out a semester or two of studies in our language, as well as foreign academic teachers who conduct classes for students of KBU.

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Uczelniana Karta ECHE 2021-2027

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027

Deklaracja Polityki Erasmusa 2021-2027

Erasmus Policy Statement 2021 -2027

Karta Studenta Erasmusa

Erasmus Student Charter


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