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Welcome to the webpage for Incoming Erasmus+ Exchange Students!

Thank you for your interest in our University. This page contains all the necessary information that you will need to prepare for your study period at KATOWICE BUSINESS UNIVERSITY (Akademia Górnośląska im. Wojciecha Korfantego w Katowicach - PL KATOWIC07)

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Application deadlines           Application Procedure      

Educational Offer and academic calendar                


Visa and Obligations for EU citizens

 Your contact  at KBU:

1. Agnieszka Gierczycka -  Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator


2. Tetiana Shevchuk - Incoming Erasmus+ students


phone: +48 32 357 0 541.

Erasmus Office - room A114


3 Harcerzy Września 1939 Street
40-659 Katowice, Poland



 2. Application Deadlines:

Nominations from your sending university deadlines:

  •  Winter semester: 31 May
  •  Summer semester: 31 December

Students' Applications Deadlines:

  • Winter semester: 30 June
  • Summer semester: 30 January


 3. Application Procedure:

1 STEP - till 31st May / 31st Dec.

Official nomination form the home university sent by Erasmus+ Coordinator to

Nomination message should include student's: name, surname, e-mail address, date of birth, required exchange period and the current field of study of the student at home insitution.

Applications will not be considered until the nomination is received.

2 STEP- till 30th June / 30 Jan.


To be sent by e-mail to

Once you are accepted by us, the 'letter of acceptance' will be issued.

3 STEP - After 21st of June and before arrival

  • Copy of insurance (please read this) valid for the whole Erasmus studies period (medical expenses insurance (=health insurance) and insurance for consequences of personal accidents) - this may be sent later but before your arrival

4 STEP - after arrival

to be done in Poland:

  • registering in the Municipal Office (if applicable).

Students' Card is issued within the first two weeks.


4. Educational Offer and academic calendar:

Winter semester: 01/10/2024 - 28/02/2025

  • Recommended arrival dates: 1st of October
  • Organizational obligatory meeting : tba
  • First classes at the university: tba

Spring (summer) semester: 01/03/2025 - 30/06/2025

  • Recommended arrival dates: 1st of March
  • Organizational obligatory meeting at the university: tba
  • First classes at the university: tba


Erasmus+ Students should choose at least a total of 30 ECTS worth subjects per semester

University reserves the right to introduce changes to the list of subjects given above.

 5. Accommodation possibilities:

1) Private Student dormitory "Basecamp " (highly recommended)

This is not just a basic dormitory. It is based to guarantee the best Erasmus+ experience where you can meet up with different students and spend most of the time outside of your room. When you book your stay in there, you will not only get the access to the cosy and fresh room but also to the 24/7 open gym. Moreover, there will be a canteen to buy your breakfast, 33 fully-equipped kitchens, a quiet place to study but also a huge place to dance at a party!

2) Private Student hostel AKADEMIK POLONIA

Booking is done directly by the Student

Rooms with higher standard, single or double room is possible.

3) Private dormitory "Kościuszki 33"


Phone: +48698680408

Kościuszki 33 is a modern, spacious interior, set in a 19th century tenement house in the very center of Katowice.

4) M13 Wygodne spanie

Moder apartments and rooms in the center of Katowice. High standard.


Phone: +48514048301


In case of lack of free places in dormitory, we advice to rent a flat.

You can always rent a flat on your own with a real estate agency (biuro nieruchomości).

The rent depends on the apartment location, equipment and usually varies from 200 to 250 EUR for a one-room apartment. Renting a flat with other students is probably cheaper.

Where to look for a flat in Katowice?

HOME-TO-GO Internet search engine:

"Have you just arrived to Katowice and your accommodation isn’t fixed? Waiting some days for a place in dormitory? Still looking for a suitable flatmate to share an apartment with? Or maybe some friends of yours plan to visit you in the city? No worries, HomeToGo have thousands of rentals at the click of your mouse and we are here to get you out of trouble, for searching for an affordable apartment without HomeToGo is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Visit our website and find a temporary accommodation that fulfils your requirements":



6.Visa and Obligations for EU citizens:

Legalisation of stay in Poland - information of Urząd do Spraw Cudzoziemców






Akademia Górnośląska
im. Wojciecha Korfantego
w Katowicach

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