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Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeships



I round 1.06  - 30.06

II round 4.11 - 31.12

III round 1.02 - 31.03


Principles of recruitment and organization of traineeship [PL] [EN]

Financing rules [PL] [EN]

Erasmus Student Charter [PL] [EN]


Student mobility can be carried out from the following offers:

Students who meet the criteria included in the definition of "people with fewer opportunities" (e.g. people with disabilities, people from poorer backgrounds) will receive an additional amount of EUR 250 for each month of stay, regardless of the type of mobility (SMS, SMT)


The receiving institution must be located abroad, in a country participating in the Erasmus+ program, which include: 28 European Union Member States; Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway; Turkey, North Macedonia.

Mobilities are possible from the first year of first-cycle studies (undergraduate, engineering). Graduate traineership are also possible - during the first year of graduation from KBU studies, with the indication that the qualification for these traineership must take place during the studies (in the last year).

The traineership program is agreed before the student's departure. The approval is made by 3 parties: the student, the receiving institution and the KBU.

The minimum duration of the traineeship abroad under the Erasmus program is 2 full months, where 1 month is 30 days. A scholarship trip in the Erasmus program requires practice - full-time work.

The student's traineership stay at the receving institution must begin and end between June 1 and September 30.

The traineership may be compulsory or additional (optional) from the point of view of the educational program, but it should always guarantee the student the opportunity to acquire competences related to his field of study at KBU and his personal development needs.

Students qualified for a mobility under the Erasmus+ program receive a scholarship from the program to cover part of the costs of travel and stay in another country (differences in living costs). The amount of the scholarship changes every year (+/-) and is determined in accordance with the program rules set out by the European Commission and the National Program Agency.

The scholarship is settled by delivering to the International Office, after the end of the traineership, documents issued by the employer confirming the period of the traineership and the implementation of the traineership program. To settle the scholarship by the participant, it is also necessary to complete the on-line report and the OLS test;

Before leaving, each student is obliged to insure themselves against the consequences of accidents (NNW), civil liability (OC) and obtain appropriate health insurance (medical costs) for the full duration of the trip and stay abroad. It is recommended to have additional insurance for other medical interventions.

The student can choose a foreign institution where he or she will be able to obtain learning outcomes in accordance with the traineership program applicable in a given field of study. For the purposes of recruitment for traineerships, the student contacts the company individually and directly.


1. The student contacts the foreign Institution or, in the case of applying for the offer of International Office - the University Erasmus+ Coordinator in KBU.

2. The student obtains the consent of the foreign institution expressed in the acceptance letter - download below.

3. The student submits the following documents to mgr Tetiana Shevchuk 

  • Application Form [PL] [EN]
  • Acceptance letter from a foreign institution
  • Confirmation of student status and grade point average (issued by the Student Service Office),
  • A certificate confirming the knowledge of a foreign language, 
  • Learning Agreement for Traineeship (LA) [EN] +  LA Tips [EN]
  • Alternatively, other documents referred to in the recruitment rules


One student may participate in mobility periods with a total maximum duration of up to 12 months per study cycle, regardless of the number and types of mobility activities. Participation without EU funding is included in this maximum duration. The duration of the traineeship for recent graduates is a maximum of 12 months within the study cycle for which they apply for the traineeship. Mobility capital is calculated at a given level of education and takes into account previous mobility under the Erasmus+, LLP-Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus programmes.

ONLINE LANGUAGE SUPPORT SYSTEM (OLS) for KBU students participating in mobility

1) Mandatory online language proficiency tests

Qualified mobility participants are required to take two language proficiency tests in the OLS system (before and at the end of the mobility period).

2) Free online language courses for those interested

All students who have taken the language proficiency test will be able to take a free online language course.Mobility participants who, after the first language assessment in the main language of instruction/work, are classified at level B2 or higher, will be able to choose the implementation of the OLS language course in this language or in another local language of the country they are going to, provided that that it is available in OLS.The license for the course is granted by the AG at the request of the interested student. The course is carried out during the student's mobility (during the trip) in the on-line form.


The student is obliged to independently check and regulate the issue of tax settlements. It is possible to consult issues related to tax settlement, e.g. in the National Tax Information

During the internship abroad, the student is obliged to fulfill all financial obligations towards the University resulting from the concluded Agreement for the provision of educational services



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