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Student mobility for studies


We encourage our students to apply for mobilities under the Erasmus+ program, which can be realized at international partner universities holding a 'European Charter for Higher Education' with which Katowice Business University has concluded an interinstitutional agreement.




Qualification depends on the amount of funds available for this purpose.


 Basic formal criteria:

  1. The student must maintain an active AG student status, i.e., be registered as a first-cycle, second-cycle, or uniform master's studies student throughout the duration of the scholarship stay;
  2. At the time of departure, the student should be at least in the second year of first-cycle studies (undergraduate/engineering);
  3. During the scholarship period, the student must not be on dean's leave or any other form of leave;
  4. The student must possess proficiency in the foreign language in which the classes will be conducted at the host university, at a level determined by the respective foreign university.





1. Familiarization with the Erasmus+ regulations

  • Recruitment rules [PL]
  • Rules of the mobility implementation [PL]
  • Financing rules [PL]
  • Rules of recognizing the period of studies carried out at foreign universities under the Erasmus+ program [PL]

2. Selecting the partner university where you would like to study and submission application documents to the International Office:

  • application form [PL] [EN]
  • certificate of student status with information on the average grade for studies completed so far (issued by the Student Service Office - dean's office). Candidates - second-cycle students without a grade point average at the time of recruitment (ongoing examination session for sem. 1), submit a copy of the supplement to the first-cycle diploma;
  • in the case of a student who previously went on a scholarship from the LLP-Erasmus, Erasmus+ Program, a copy of a certificate from a foreign university or another document confirming the length of stay on a scholarship should be submitted.
  • additionally, optionally, the student may submit other documents that he considers important in the qualification process, e.g. language certificates, references, diplomas, etc

3. English Language Proficiency Test

4. Qualification

After completing the recruitment process, the Erasmus+ Qualification Committee will prepare a list of students qualified for the study mobility. Based on the Commission's protocol, all students participating in the recruitment process will be informed by e-mail about the recruitment results.The decision may be appealed against within 7 calendar days of receiving the information electronically.

5. Nomination and application to the partner university

Nomination is the official notification of the host university about the student's arrival. The nominations are made by the Internationa Office (KBU).

After nomination, the student is obliged to check on the website of the partner university or directly with the Erasmus program coordinator of the partner university all available information regarding the organization of the stay under the Erasmus Program (application procedure, application deadlines, program offer, accommodation, academic year schedule, etc.)

6. Preparation of the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) for Studies

OLA is an agreement between the student, the home university and the host (partner) university, specifying the program of classes that the student is to participate in at the partner university and the number of ECTS points that will be awarded for completing them. The agreement is the basis for recognizing the period of study completed at a foreign university. This document must be signed by all three parties before the student's departure.

The student agrees on the OLA together with the Dean of a given faculty and with the help of the Erasmus+ Coordinator

Instruction Online Learning Agreement

8. Formalities before departure

  • Personal bank account

Erasmus+ funding is paid in EUR by transfer to the account indicated by the student (bank details form).The scholarship is paid after signing an agreement between the student and KBU

  • Financial agreement

The financial agreement specifies the rights and obligations of the parties (sending university and the student), the period of stay and the amount and method of payment of the funding).

  • Health insurance

A student traveling under the Erasmus+ program is obliged to insure himself against medical costs and accidents. Basic health insurance is guaranteed by the European Health Insurance Card issued by the National Health Fund at the student's request



9. Legalization and changes to the Learning Agreement

  • Legalization of stay

Polish citizens do not require visas when traveling to European Union and European Economic Area countries. However, please remember that for a stay longer than 3 months it may be necessary to obtain an appropriate permit, and in the case of some countries, formalities will have to be completed before departure. Each country has its own regulations and requirements regarding the legalization of stay.Before leaving, the student should carefully check the regulations specifying the legalization of stay in the country to which he or she is going.

  • Changes to the Learning agreement for studies – part “DURING THE MOBILITY”

If there are any changes in the study program at the host university that may affect the student's fulfillment of the obligations arising from the applicable Learning Agreement, the student must immediately contact the Erasmus+ Program Coordinator, providing information about the proposed changes to the Learning Agreement - courses that will be used or added. After confirming the changes, complete the DURING THE MOBILITY section, making appropriate changes by listing the deleted and added courses.

  • Shortening of stay

Shortening your stay may involve the need to return part of the scholarship, as you can only receive the scholarship for the period you actually spent at the partner university.

  • Extension of stay

To extend your stay for another semester within one academic year, you must obtain the consent of the partner and home universities and agree on the Learning Agreement for studies for the next period.



10. Formalities upon return:

Within 14 days after returning, the student is obligated to provide the documents required by the agreement:

  • Confirmation of Stay
  • Transcript of Records
  • Erasmus+participant survey - a link to complete the survey will be automaticaly sent after mobility.

11. Recognition Mobility Achievements

Subjects completed abroad that overlap with the program at your home university will constitute the basis for obtaining credit. Subjects falling outside the program of the missed semester will be included in the individual program.



ERASMUS+ SCHOLARSHIP rates for the competition of applications in 2024/2025

Destination countries



KA131-HED 2023

Group 1 - Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein,Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden

550 Euro  

670 Euro

Group 2 - Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Malta, Germany, Portugal, Italy

550 Euro

670 Euro

Group 3 – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary

450 Euro

600 Euro

Students who meet the criteria included in the definition of "people with fewer opportunities" (e.g. people with disabilities, people from poorer backgrounds) will receive an additional amount of EUR 250 for each month of stay, regardless of the type of mobility (SMS, SMT)



One student may participate in mobility periods with a total maximum duration of up to 12 months per study cycle, irrespective of the number and types of mobility activities. Participation without co-financing from EU funds is included in this maximum duration. Mobility capital is calculated at a given level of education and takes into account previous Erasmus+, LLP-Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus mobilities.


ONLINE LANGUAGE SUPPORT SYSTEM (OLS) for KBU students participating in mobility

1) Mandatory online language proficiency tests

Qualified mobility participants are required to take two language proficiency tests in the OLS system (before and at the end of the mobility period).

2) Free online language courses for those interested

All students who have taken the language proficiency test will be able to take a free online language course.Mobility participants who, after the first language assessment in the main language of instruction/work, are classified at level B2 or higher, will be able to choose the implementation of the OLS language course in this language or in another local language of the country they are going to, provided that that it is available in OLS.The license for the course is granted by the AG at the request of the interested student. The course is carried out during the student's mobility (during the trip) in the on-line form.



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