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The Rector's Scholarship and Allowence

Rector's Scholarship

The Rector's scholarship is a recognition granted to students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance or excel in scientific, artistic, or sports achievements at least at the national level during the last academic year. Here's what you need to know about applying for this scholarship:

Eligibility: All achievements must relate to the last academic year.
Application period: Applications for the summer semester of the academic year 2023/2024 will be accepted from April 1st to April 15th, 2024. This applies only to students who commenced their studies in the winter semester.
How to apply: Submit your application to the Financial Department of KBU. If you need assistance or are unable to submit the application in person, reach out to the staff of the International Office.
Scholarship allocation: The order of submission does not matter as long as it's within the deadline. However, late submissions may be rejected due to funding constraints. The scholarship is awarded to no more than 10% of students in a given field of study.
Duration and determination: Scholarships are awarded for up to 10 months. The average for each field of study is determined after students submit their applications. It's calculated based on the grades of all exams and credits obtained during the last year of study.
Note: If you complete your studies in February, the scholarship is awarded from October to February. If you finish in June, it's awarded from October to June. You can receive the benefit for only one field of study if you're studying multiple fields simultaneously.
Ineligibility: The scholarship is not available for students holding master's degrees, master of engineering degrees, equivalent degrees, or bachelor's degrees if resuming a first-cycle program. Additionally, students exceeding a total study period of 72 months across all universities are ineligible.
Allowance for Students in challenging situations

In addition to the Rector's scholarship, students facing temporary challenges may apply for an allowance. Here are the key points about the allowance:

Eligibility: Students experiencing difficult circumstances, such as the death or serious illness of a family member, accidents, natural disasters, theft, or the birth of a child, may qualify.
Application Period: The application must be submitted within 4 months from the date the student finds themselves in a challenging situation.
Procedure: The allowance is granted upon request, submitted to the Financial Department of KBU.
Documentation: Thorough justification and supporting documents in Polish or translated by a sworn translator are required.
Decision Process: Applications are processed within 30 days of submitting all required documents. The decision is final and communicated via email.
Additional Notes: Students on leave, repeating a year or semester, or with conditional enrollment, are also eligible. Payments are made within 30 days of confirmation of receipt of the decision.


For detailed application forms and further assistance, please contact the International Office at


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