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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



How can I apply?
It's easy!
- Step one is to register in the recruitment system via the link:,
- Step two is to complete all data in the system and upload all necessary documents for verification,
- Step three is to pay the fees and sign the final documents,
- Step four is to apply for a visa and arrive to Poland - to submit the original documents and to begin your studies.

Is it possible to transfer to KBU from another university?
Yes. The procedure for transferring to KBU from another university is described in detail on our website.

What documents are required for admission?
The list of required documents for I and II-cycle studies can be found on our website.

How are documents verified when applying to KBU?
Documents are verified with the help of such institutions as the National Agency for Academic Exchange, the Superintendent of Education, Ministerial databases, etc.

How long does it take to verify a university candidate?
The verification time mostly depends on the type and amount of documents submitted by the candidate and on the cooperation with the candidate throughout the process.

Do I need to translate all my documents into Polish?
Documents presented in the recruitment process must be issued or sworn translated in Polish or English language.

Can I apply for II-cycle studies with the temporary certificate if I am still waiting for my Bachelor Diploma?
Yes, you can, if only the University and study programme is recognised in Poland.

Does the university provide preparatory English language courses?
KBU does not provide language preparatory courses.

I do not have a language certificate. Can I still apply?
Yes. In addition to the language certificate, there are several other ways for us to recognize a candidate's language skills:
- if the candidate comes from a country where English is the official language or presents a certificate of completion of education in English, additional language verification is not performed
- candidate can proceed to the English language verification interview using a computer with internet, camera and microphone.

I come from a country where English is one of the official languages. Do I need to provide a language certificate?
If you are from a country where the official language or one of the official languages is English, additional language verification will not be necessary.

Is it required to submit recruitment documents in person?
In order to begin the process, all you need to do is submit all the necessary documents through the online recruitment system. All these documents however, must be submitted in person immediately after obtaining a visa and arriving in Poland.


To which account should I pay my recruitment fees and tuition fees for the first semester?
Tuition rates and bank account number and details can be found on our website.

Is it possible to change payment to instalments/change currency?
Change of currency and method of payment is possible starting from the second semester of study, with the proviso that the Student must express such desire by submitting an appropriate application before the beginning of the semester.

Can the tuition fee rate change during the course of study?
No. The tuition rate that was current when signing the contract with the University is valid for the student until the end of his/her studies. Separate regulations apply if the Student signs a new agreement during the studies.

What forms of payment are available?
You can pay in EUR and in PLN, in five installments per semester or in advance for the whole semester.
Payments for the first semester of study, however should always be made in advance and in EUR currency.

What is the price for an entire semester of study?
Tuition rates can be found on our website.

Until when tuition fees must be paid?
In the instalment system - by the 5th of each month (except August and September).
In the semester system - by the 5th of October or the 5th of March.

Does the University charge a holiday fee?
No. The last instalment of tuition fees is paid for July. August and September remain free of tuition fees.


When does the summer semester start and when does the winter semester start?
The winter semester starts from 1st of October and lasts until the end of February.
The summer semester starts from 1st of March and lasts until 30th of September.

In what form are the classes conducted?
At the moment, classes are conducted hybrid, i.e. online lectures and stationary workshops, while there is also the possibility of transmitting wokshops for Students who have not managed to obtain a visa earlier.

On what days are classes held?
Classes are conducted from Monday to Friday, noting that the schedule varies from group to group.

How can I take part in online classes?
You can take online classes through the Microsoft Office Teams platform. You need internet access on your computer or phone with a camera and microphone available. You will receive an access to Microsoft Office in the beginning of your studies at KBU.

Is an internship required at university?
Professional practice (internship) must be completed by each undergraduate (Bachelor's) student. You can ask the staff of the International Office about the conditions and possibilities to pass the internship.


Where are the Student Service Office and International Office located?
The Student Service Office is located in room A206, while the International Office is in room A114. Both offices are located in building A.

What accreditations does the university hold?
Our study programmes are accredited by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (PKA). Quality is confirmed also by the state and international accreditations, such as UN WTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), ECBE (European Council for Business Education) and EURHODIP (Association supporting Hospitality and Tourism Education).

Does the University offer scholarships?
Yes. Students who have completed at least one year of study and have achieved outstanding academic results or have scientific, artistic or sports achievements in competition at least at the national level may apply for the Rector's scholarship.
For students in a difficult life/health/financial situation, an allowance is also available.

What is the procedure for applying for a residence permit in Poland?
The procedure for applying for the temporary residence card is described in our Handbook and on the website of the Voivodship Office in Katowice. Additional information and assistance Students may obtain at the International Office.

Is it possible to get benefits if I help someone recruit to KBU?
Yes, a student who recommends our University to a candidate can get a discount on tuition fees. You can find out more about this procedure at the International Office.

Does the university offer additional sports activities?
Yes. Membership in the University Sports Association allows KBU Students to participate in free training and competition in many sport disciplines.

How long is the notice period after resignation from university?
In case of resignation after the beginning of the semester, the notice period is one month, i.e., lasts until the end of the month following the month in which the Student submitted the notice of resignation.


Who can apply for Erasmus+ mobility?
A student who has completed at least one year of study. Second-cycle students can also apply for mobility during their first year of study.

How to apply?
Recruitment for Erasmus+ mobility is carried out twice per academic year. Information on recruitment, together with instructions on how to apply, is available on our website

Which universities can I choose?
The mobilities takes place to one of the foreign partner universities, holding the ECHE Card, with which KBU has signed inter-institutional agreements in the Erasmus+.
The list of KBU’s partner universities

How does the mobility last?
A study mobility lasts one semester (4-5.5 months) or one academic year (9-10 months). How long the mobility will last depends on the schedule of partner universities - information on the subject can be found on their websites.

What will be the amount of scholarship I will receive?
The amount of the scholarship depends on the country you are going to and how long the stay will be.
The amount of the scholarship is given monthly and ranges from 450 to 550 euros.

Will I have to pay tuition fees for the exchange period?
Yes, students must pay tuition fees for the semester or year in advance that they spend on exchange

Can I go for Erasmus during the last semester of my studies?
Yes, mobility in the last semester of studies is possible after receiving the thesis Supervisor’s consent to perform it.


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