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Application documents II




ENGLISH – requirements (in case of studies where language of instruction is ENGLISH)

  1. We recognize your knowledge of English if:
  • You are a Candidate from a country where English is the official language or one of such languages or any other country in which you received your education in English or
  • You are a Candidate from non-English speaking countries or having not completed your higher/ secondary education in English, but if you have an international language certificate: TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, etc (see the list) that proves their knowledge of English at B2 level or
  • you passed internal School's language test on B2 level.
  • If you do not have above – you will be asked for KBU Language Check Procedure (short test and conversation in English by our cooperating Partner or International Team member – you will gain the document confirming your linguistic skills on required level or recommendation to continue the language improvement during the first semester)

These diplomas or certificates must be translated into Polish by the  sworn translator (if the document has been prepared in other language than English).


Create an individual account in the on-line recruitment system, available on the


Please fill in the required fields. After creating an account, you will receive a message to the e-mail address you have provided with information about the creation of the account and a link to activate it. Please remember to ACTIVATE your account.


Activate your account by clicking on the link provided and log in to your account in our recruitment system. Complete filling in the rest of your personal data. Remember that only completing all data at a given stage allows you to proceed to the next step.


Select your STUDY programme in our recruitment system, and then, using the list, select the field of studies you want to enroll in (I or II cycle) and preferable specialty (pre-selection only, if you want to change it you can do it within first semester) and its location (KATOWICE). After successfully completing this step, you will receive an e-mail with registration confirmation and instructions on how to proceed.

ATTENTION! Applies only to first-cycle studies (B.A.):

If the School – leaving Certificate obtained abroad is not recognized on the basis of international bilateral agreements or automatically recognized by the operation of law, then the certificates should be recognized by the state authority in Katowice (Kuratorium Oświaty) = read: III. RECOGNITION PROCEEDINGS BY PROVINCE EDUCATION SUPERINTENDENTS

This procedure is not paid unless the interview is requested by the authority.
Recognition procedure may require to submit the additional documents which should be prepared before candidate's arrival to Poland.

Ministry information on Recognition of foreign school certificates and diplomas in Poland: -


You must make a payment to make your choice of course valid. Tuition fee is payable in advance for one semester. Payments for studies in English are always sent to one EURO bank account number:

  • 63 Euro Now promotion! Only 56 Euro! registration fee - verification of documents issued in English language (if other language – a sworn translation into English is required)
  • Entry fee - 125 Euro Now promotion! Only 112 Euro!
  • Tuition for 1 SEMESTER OF STUDIES (according to the rate for the selected field of study)


IBAN: PL60 1050 1214 1000 0090 3032 2086

Bank name: ING Bank Slaski

Holder name: Gornoslaska Wyzsza Szkola Handlowa

Address: ul. Harcerzy Wrzesnia 1939 nr 3, 40-659 Katowice-Piotrowice


Title: Your name and surname + field of study.

If you do not start your studies, only the tuition fee will be refunded (after submitting the application on studies termination by a student/candidate). Please note that the tuition fee will only be refunded prior to the start of the semester of studies on which you have applied to study.


After completing all the data, go to the statement step and check the appropriate boxes. At this stage, you can also read the Study Regulations and the Financial Regulations.

(links to the Study Regulations and the Financial Regulations)


In the next step ("Printouts") you will find the file with the Personal Questionnaire, Agreement for the Provision of Educational Services and the declaration. Download the documents, print it and fill in the required fields. Make a signature on each page, complete your consent to the processing of personal data, and mark the health insurance declaration.


After completing the documents, attach all required documents in the next step.

Upload the scans of the following documents to the system:

  • The signed Personal Questionnaire you generated in STEP 6.
  • Confirmation of payment of the compulsory enrollment and registration fee.
  • Confirmation of payment for tuition fees for 1 semester
  • A copy of a Bachelor’s Diploma (i.e. higher education diploma of completion of 1st cycle programme) obtained abroad which gives the right to seek admission to a second-cycle study programme (i.e. Master level) in the chosen field of study in the country where this diploma was issued; this diploma has be issued by the accedited university.
  • Supplement to the Diploma
  • Translation into Polish (if not issued in English)
  • If a Bachelor’s diploma obtained abroad contains no clause confirming the right of its holder to seek admission to second cycle studies, KSE may ask to attach the document certifying the existence of such a right, issued by the higher education institution which issued a diploma.
  • Translation into Polish by Polish sworn translator (if not issued in English)
  • Copy of the Candidate's Passport
  • A copy of the health insurance policy for at least one academic year in force in Poland or European Health Insurance Card (valid for at least a year)  Here you can find more information about European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • Only EU’s citizens: Copy of the EU's Candidate's Identification Document (ID)


After uploading the documents, wait until they are approved by the employees of the International Office Team. If any document is missing or incorrect, we will contact you.

This is the last step of on-line recruitment that allows you to be granted the status: qualified.

Congratulations – you may arrive to KBU and begin your studies or begin the VISA process.

ANTI-COVID-2019 actions for international candidates:

Due to the pandemic situation from new academic year there is a possibility of beginning the studies at home (study online from October, come to us later) – then all candidates who require VISAs will have the whole first year for fulfilling this requirement. Non-visa candidates are welcome here or on online study – as you prefer. This is only for the first two semesters. All classes are scheduled as stationary ones and they are mandatory for our students.



We invite you to make the last step of the recruitment, i.e. submit the required set of documents and sign the original documents in the Department of International Relations (by appointment – individually due to the pandemic situation).

If you decide to study online – this step you must organised immediately after your arrival.

This stage results in an entry on the list of students of the Katowice Business University (GWSH) and assigning an album number (at the same time new student email address). We will inform you by e-mail when it is possible. Remember to take with you before arrival:

• the original of your secondary school leaving certificate + transcript or first cycle diploma + diploma supplement, if you applied for second cycle studies,

• confirmation of payment for studies,

• original application form,

• a copy of the insurance policy,

• passport


Not following the above procedure may conclude with crossing off the students' list.

If you have any questions, request or concerns, please contact us via email:


Let's begin our common study adventure!


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