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MA: Excellence in Management


II cycle studies

Field of study: MANAGEMENT                                                   Master level, degree „magister”


STUDIES: Excellence in Management

STUDIES LEVEL: second cycle studies

STUDIES FORM: full time studies






Period of studies: 2 years (4 semesters)

Language: English

120 ECTS



The opening of above mentioned field of study or specilizations is made conditional on the number of applicants.


Curriculum - description of study program and specializations:

The main goals of this study programme are to master and improve students` skills in management
of different products and services on international market. Curriculum is based on main aspects that help building students` excellence in business environment and skills necessary in contemporary business world. Moreover it focuses (by specialisations to be chosen) on three aspects of management, depending on target market and student`s individual interests and expectations on labour market. Students from Poland or worldwide market will find here specific information about products, services and clients, as well as some hints given by excellent Professors and Practitioners on psychology of marketing, sales, distribution techniques and customer relationships and therefore they will build their confidence in business management in open-minded international environment. The master studies programme is addressed especially for those students who like being involved in their classes, have high quality expectations and would like to spend their time with other interesting people from different countries. It is also highly suitable for those entrepreneurs who would like to invest in Poland or other EU countries by founding their business activities in Europe.


INTERNATIONAL SALES MANAGEMENT- the first specialisation is aimed especially for those candidates who are interested in marketing management and sales strategies, both international and Polish students who wish to continue their education in English and think about building their future in international business. It is highly suitable for students who would like to choose a marketing career. After finishing this curriculum and gaining the qualification which is recognized worldwide, the student (postgraduate) will be able to use English fluently and communicate with confidence within
any business environment they should ever encounter.

MANAGEMENT OF LOGISTIC SERVICES – the second specialisations for our candidates is based
on logistic services (more B2B than B2C market) and it is all about management in distribution channels, planning, organising and controlling distribution policy in companies on both domestic
and international markets. Interesting workshops and lectures with Professors who are Practicioners are the most important advantage of this study programme. Building the confidence in managing distribution channels and company`s domestic and international distribution polisy should be easy for those who will apply for this specialisations.


SOFT GOODS MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING – the third specialisations is specially addressed to candidates highly interested in soft goods industry. Textile industry is very strong in Poland and especially Łódź called also soft goods industry centre. The growth of textile industry (production and sales) is increasing in recent years, and when labour market is concerned – there are over 116 thousands of employees working in this branch. Poland in general and main Polish cities (Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Katowice) have consumers who are very aware of fashion and clothing industry is a huge market in Poland. Other European countries are also an interesting markets to observe the main trends in fashion and textile industry. This specialisation will be interesting for those candidates who would like to study management within this sector and gain practical skills and knowledge about soft goods market (demand, supply, production). The management and marketing theories will meet practical aspects of textile businesses. Students who would like to study it are recommended to be interested and involved in soft goods market.

Additional advantages:

After finishing the study programme Excellence in Management with one of the chosen specialisation gives the alumni the knowledge, skills and competences that postgraduates can use in dynamic business environment worldwide. Additionally during the studies or after their completion students (or alumni) will have the chance to gain additional linguistic skills with one of the chosen technical (specialized) exams to get the qualification which is recognized worldwide, the student (postgraduate) will be able to use English fluently and communicate with confidence within any business or social environment. Katowice School of Economics (GWSH) started last July the cooperation with Greenwich and Inteveng (division of Express Publishing group) based on certified exams – the Vocational English Certificate (VEC) organized at our university. This VEC exams with different specialisation in vocabulary (e.g. management I, management II, business English, MBA, sales and marketing and more) is an exam recognized by the biggest companies all over the world. It tests language qualifications of people using English in office work as well as in international business. A unique International Certificate focusing on English for Specific Purposes (ESP) - VEC is an innovative examination that covers the widest variety of professions in the current market. As such, it provides a solid reference for your linguistic skills in your chosen career and can provide a competitive advantage on your CV.

The globalization of local markets in recent years has created countless opportunities in the professional arena, allowing for unprecedented mobility in the workforce. However, these changes are also creating new challenges and the ability to communicate in an international professional environment is becoming of paramount importance. In response to these modern demands, Express Publishing and the University of Greenwich launched a partnership to develop and establish the Vocational English Certification (VEC). INTERVENG is a division of Express Publishing, set up with the sole purpose of administering the VEC assessment and examination model. And these exams are going to be held in our University Examination and Training Centre since July 2018 .

To fulfill the need of improving the language skills of students with average levels of English our university offers the option of additional language courses (not included within study programme) during the studies for students who are interested in improving their language skills even more.

Profile Alumni

For those students who rise to the challenge and succeed, our prestigious alumni is an organisation to be immensely proud of and is a badge of honour for any top flight leader in their field. Personal growth, the will to be the best, to make your dreams a reality, are all at your fingertips here at GWSH, our multi-disciplinary approach is unmatched. Today’s labour market requires alumni that are well prepared. This challenge of the contemporary world is accomplished within an interesting study programme such as is offered here by the Katowice School of Economics.

Excellence in Management - syllabuses:

Core subjects (mandatory) include:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Civil law
  • International business ethics
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Advanced international economics
  • Strategic management
  • International trade law
  • Management concepts
  • Contemporary management – case studies
  • Process management
  • International and global marketing
  • Strategic entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship and new venture planning
  • International negotiations and relations in business

Within specializations – our offer includes:


  • Sales management in international business
  • Marketing planning and management in international company
  • Fashion marketing on global market
  • International marketing strategies
  • Management od distribution system on international market
  • Consumer behaviour on international market
  • Sales strategies modelling
  • Sales and distribution strategies
  • Sales methods and techiques – case study
  • Psychology of consumer behaviour on international market
  • Advanced foreign language in business (German, Russian, English)


  • Supply chain management
  • Logistic services market
  • Planning of logistic services
  • International logistic centres
  • Marketing of logistic services
  • Methods and techniques of negotiation in logistics
  • Information systems in logistics
  • Logistic system planning and management
  • Business plan in logistic services
  • Advanced foreign language in business (German, Russian, English)


  • Introduction to soft goods industry
  • Commodity science
  • Intercultural communication with consumers
  • Marketing and psychology of colours
  • Supply chain management in mercery
  • Process management in textile companies
  • Fashion marketing on global market
  • Marketing design and branding in mercery
  • Merchandising
  • Sustainable management and marketing in soft goods
  • B2B market – case study
  • Ecology in soft goods industry – case study
  • Advanced foreign language in Business (German, Russian, English)

Each specialisation has a seminar – introduction and thesis tutoring.

Application and Fees:

Further information: int.office@gwsh.pl

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