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Management in Textiles Industry




The third specialty is especially prepared and addressed to candidates who are interested in developing their managerial skills in the textiles industries. The textile industry is very strong in Poland and one of our principal textile production and trade cities is Łódź. The growth of textile industry (production and sales) has been increasing in recent years, and there are over 116 thousands employees working in this branch - that is quite impressive. Poland in general, and main Polish cities (Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Katowice) have lots of consumers who are interested in fashion and clothing, so the textile industry is most certainly a huge market in Poland. Other European countries are also interesting markets to observe, as far as the main trends in fashion and textile industry are concerned. This specialty should be of much interest for those candidates who would like to study management within this sector and gain practical skills and knowledge about the textiles market. The management and marketing theories will meet practical aspects of textile businesses. Students who would like to study it are recommended to be interested and involved in the soft goods market.


Core subjects (mandatory) include:

  • Microeconomics
  • Elements of mathematics
  • Introduction to business law
  • Fundamentals of company finance
  • Fundamentals of management
  • Business statistics
  • Fundamentals of marketing
  • Fundamentals of accounting
  • Organizational sciences
  • Company finance on international market
  • Marketing research
  • Management of international business projects
  • Human resources management in international environment
  • Organizational management in Europe
  • Business information technology
  • Financial accounting
  • European quality management standards
  • International intellectual property protection law
  • E-business and e-commerce in practice
  • Sports 
  • Polish language and culture for international students (all specialties)
  • Internship (in Polish companies with international background or international companies with departments in Poland, there is also a possibility of international internships – ask for details in )


Subjects of the specialty include:

  • International business environment
  • Psychology of consumer behavior
  • Consumer behaviour in textiles industry
  • Introduction to merchandising in textiles
  • Logistics and supply chain management in textiles
  • Marketing and advertising in modern market
  • Leadership and management in textiles companies
  • Consumerism and sustainable development
  • Human resources management in textiles
  • Marketing tools in B2B for mercery companies
  • Sustainable marketing for textiles industry
  • Thesis introduction
  • Bachelor seminar (thesis)
  • Foreign language in Business (Polish, German)
  • Professional Training for VEC exam


Each specialisation has a seminar – introduction and thesis tutoring as a complete set of activities, skills and professional experience gained from Tutors for Bachelor thesis.

Each year a student is encouraged to take a VEC exam (for additional fee – 350 PLN = 78 Euro) on chosen topic. The professional training for VEC – a language course for specific topic each year is free of charges for our students. After finishing the course you will gain a certificate as well. After the exam you can gain additional certificate (certificate of exam). This additional certified qualification is well recognized by the labour market in Poland and worldwide





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