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KBU has a library (Lending Library and Scientific Reading Room) equipped with the reach book collection of Polish and foreign publications. The library and its stores are located in building A. Currently there are 50 thousand volumes and 89 magazines (including 13 in foreign languages) which are subscribed to.

The number of magazines is increasing constantly according to need. Moreover, the library has approximately one thousand five hundred audio and video cassettes as well as CDs used for didactic purposes.

The reading room is located in building A (IV floor) and has at its disposal 60 reading stands and additionally 50 internet stands to be used for individual purposes (free access) of students and employees.  There is also an internet HOTSPOT  in the library available to all.

The library has the following catalogues:

  • classic – box catalogue (alphabetical, systematic, audio-cassettes, video-cassettes, magazines, diploma thesis)
  • computer catalogue (authors’, titles, subjects).   

The Lending library is located in building A.


Lending Library (building A, ground floor) tel. (32) 35 70 575 
Reading Room (building A, IV floor) tel. (32) 35 70 571 


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