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Katowice Business University (KBU) can boast a modern didactic base ensuring the right course of education for almost twelve thousand students strong.  

The KBU teaching base, situated near the important thoroughfare of Katowice i.e. T.Kosciuszki street, is composed of 2 campuses with a total area of nearly five hectares.

First campus consists of three buildings (building A, B and D) and three car parks.

Second campus consists of: building C, gym, fitness room, recreational-sport areas and car park with around 200 places.

Apart from the above mentioned, KBU rents also various facilities (buildings with classrooms, swimming pool, gym, etc.) in Katowice. These facilities are located in the area of the main KBU campus.

To sum up KBU has at its disposal it’s own and rented buildings and sport facilities with a total usable area of over 25 thousand square meters.

Buildings of KBU (A, B, C and D) have such elements of its didactic infrastructure as:

  • Lectures halls (sixteen halls: one for 500 places, six for 200 places and nine for 100 places each),
  • 56 classrooms and seminar rooms,
  • 8 computer labs,
  • 7 audiovisual labs for foreign languages learning,
  • 15 labs and specialist rooms,
  • library and reading room,
  • separate multimedia reading room,
  • student service office, administration rooms and departmental rooms,
  • moreover in every KBU building there are: photocopy facilities, cafeteria and cloakrooms.

At students disposal there are also: 

  • two gyms,
  • swimming pool,
  • four car parks.

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