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international sales management





The first specialty is aimed especially for those candidates who are interested in marketing management and sales strategies, both international and Polish students who wish to continue their education in English and think about building their future in international business. It is highly suitable for students who would like to choose a marketing career. After finishing this curriculum and gaining the qualification which is recognized worldwide, the student (postgraduate) will be able to use English fluently and communicate with confidence within any business environment they should ever encounter.


Core subjects (mandatory) include:

· Macroeconomics

· Civil law

· International business ethics

· Mathematical statistics

· Strategic management

· International trade law

· Management concepts

· Process management

· International and global marketing

· Strategic entrepreneurship

· International negotiations and relations in business


Subjects of the specialty include:

· Sales management in international business

· Marketing planning and management in international company

· Fashion marketing on global market

· International marketing strategies

· Management of distribution system on international market

· Consumer behaviour on international market

· Sales strategies modelling

· Sales and distribution strategies

· Sales methods and techniques – case study

· Influencer and viral marketing techniques

· Psychology of consumer behaviour on international market

· Foreign language in business (Polish, German)

· Professional Training for VEC exam


All specialties that our candidates declare during the recruitment procedure are pre-selection. The final decision is to be made after finishing the first semester on II cycle studies.


Each specialty has a seminar – introduction and thesis tutoring as a complete set of activities, skills and professional experience gained from Tutors for Master thesis.

Each year a student is encouraged to take a VEC exam (for additional fee – 350 PLN = 78 Euro) on chosen topic. The professional training for VEC – a language course for specific topic each year is free of charges for our students. After finishing the course you will gain a certificate as well. After the exam you can gain additional certificate (certificate of exam). This additional certified qualification is well recognized by the labour market in Poland and worldwide.




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