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COVID-19 Procedure


COVID-19 Procedure

of the Katowice Business University



All the individuals that are ill, remain at home with an individual under quarantine or at-home isolation are not allowed to enter the premises of Katowice Business University


Only a healthy individual, without any symptoms that could imply an infectious disease is allowed to enter the premises of Katowice Business University.


Detailed guidelines for the organization of classes are set out in the Rector's Regulations relevant to the conducted classes.


Suspicion of COVID-19


  1. In case of occurrence of any disturbing disease symptoms (fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell and / or taste), contact your Primary Care Physician immediately.
  2. In case of occurrence of symptoms


on the premises of Katowice Business University:


  • You are required to report it to the lecturer conducting the classes or other person in charge. This person shall guide the individual with disease symptoms to the place where you should remain until the time of phone consultation with the State Sanitary Inspection (the phone consultation has to be carried out by the individual with the disease symptoms).
  • Currently these rooms are designated for isolation room on the premises of the University: Main headquarters – A007 (For building A and B), C102 (for building C) and 01 for the KBU department in Żory
  • The area in which a potentially infected individual moved has to be thoroughly disinfected - all touch surfaces sanitized and room ventilated
  • It is recommended to create a list of individuals that had a direct contact with the potentially infected individual


outside the premises of Katowice Business University:


  • It is recommended to remain at home until the time of consultation with the Primary Care Physician and then following his instructions
  • If the physician deems it necessary, he will refer the person, by means of phone advice, to carry out a test for COVID-19
  • If an individual has visited the premises of the University in the scope of 10 days prior to the positive test result for COVID-19, one shall provide the information at the e-mail address: covid@gwsh.pl indicating:

                 o       the name and surname

                 o       telephone number

                 o       field of study – in case of students and postgraduate learners

                 o       name of course/tutoring – in case of course or tutoring participants

                 o       time of examination

                 o       time of the positive result receipt

                 o       time of the last visit at KBU, with details on the building visited

                 o       a list of KBU employees and students, with whom one had contact in the scope of last 10 days


In case when then infected individual is a lecturer, a student, a learner or a course/tutoring participant, the didactic classes conducted stationarily may be suspended if the sanitary-epidemiological station instructs so. In such case, further education may be organized remotely.


Obtaining positive result for COVID-19


An individual that has been tested positive for COVID-19 should follow the instructions of a Primary Care Physician,  Hospital Emergency Ward Physician or the guidelines released by the State Sanitary Inspection.


  1. Ten days of home isolation is implemented for individuals that has been tested positive for COVID-19 taking into account that the symptoms will withdraw. In case of occurrence or further presence of symptoms, the Physician decides on the extension of isolation.
  2. In the event that hospitalization is necessary, the attending physician decides about the termination of isolation.


Contact with the individual infected with COVID-19


An individual that had a contact with the infected individual may be quarantined. The Stae Sanitary Inspection decides about referral to quarantine.




  1. Absence from classes and from work caused by quarantine is treated as an excused absence
  2. One should inform about the referral to quarantine by e-mail at – covid@gwsh.pl, indicating:
  •          the name and surname
  •          telephone number
  •          field of study – in case of students and postgraduate learners
  •          name of course/tutoring – in case of course or tutoring participants

      3. A student sent to quarantine may ask the lecturer to provide the scope of the material to be         supplemented electronically as part of remote work.

      4. An employee sent to quarantine may ask the supervisor for permission to work remotely, if his health     condition allows it.

      5. A lecturer referred to quarantine may conduct classes remotely, as long as his health condition allows     it.  Otherwise, he is obliged to immediately inform the Center of Education Organization (dos@gwsh.pl)   about  this fact and support in the scope of providing a substitute during didactic classes.


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