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International Business and Logistics Executive



It is the specialty we offer you in Vienna. Here we place the emphasis on showing our students the conditions of international companies - not only the largest global players, but also small and medium-sized enterprises that build lasting relationships with foreign partners.

Business, logistics and transport - these are the three most important elements from which we have built the concept of the specialty, whose students learn about the strategies of enterprises in areas such as logistics, transport and forwarding, planning - including supply planning. But this is not the end! In the programme we have also included subjects which are to develop your soft skills - e.g. negotiation skills. With elements of management, marketing and finance, you will be able to aspire to managerial positions, understanding the processes of the whole company and not just one department. This is the advantage you gain thanks to a well structured study programme.

During the study programme you will have core subjects, as following:

  •          Economics
  •          Political and economic geography
  •          International law essentials
  •          State sciences
  •          Fundamentals of International Relations
  •          Cloud servies in business - case studies
  •          Management Essentials - case studies
  •          Basics of statistics
  •          Global economics and politics
  •          Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting
  •          History of international relations
  •          Business ethics
  •          European Demographics
  •          International politics and relations
  •          Contemporary politics systems
  •          International economic relations
  •          Corporate Social Responsibility - case studies
  •          European integration
  •          International public law
  •          Economic policy
  •          International Finance - case studies
  •          International organisations
  •          Chosen Aspects of International politics  (Poland, Austria)
  •          International culture - case studies
  •          Company branding management - case studies
  •          Intelectual proprerty rights
  •          Foreign language (English, Polish, German)
  •          Internship (each semester in international companies)
  •          Sports


And more subjects on your specialty!:

  •          Political and social research project
  •          Business correspondence
  •          International logistics
  •          Logistics services market
  •          Introduction to negotiations - case study
  •          Logistics management
  •          Human resources management - case studies
  •          International logistics centres
  •          Uncertain Futures: Politics in the 21st Century
  •          International logistics - case study
  •          Politics and environment - case studies
  •          Media, communication and politics
  •          Professional Language (VEC Training)
  •          Company visits - professional training
  •          Diploma Tutoring


Each specialisation has a seminar – introduction and thesis tutoring as a complete set of activities, skills and professional experience gained from Tutors for Bachelor thesis.

Each year a student is encouraged to take a VEC exam (for additional fee – 350 PLN = 78 Euro) on chosen topic. The professional training for VEC – a language course for specific topic each year is free of charges for our students. After finishing the course you will gain a certificate as well. After the exam you can gain additional certificate (certificate of exam). This additional certified qualification is well recognized by the labour market worldwide.


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