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Professional English Training for VEC Examination




After finishing the study programme Excellence in Management with one of the chosen specialties gives the alumni the knowledge, skills and competences that postgraduates can use in dynamic business environment worldwide. Additionally during the studies  or after their completion, students (or alumni) will have the chance to gain additional linguistic skills with one of the chosen technical (specialized) exams  to get the qualification which is recognized worldwide, the student (postgraduate) will be able to use English fluently and communicate with confidence within any business or social environment. Last July the Katowice Business University (AG) started the cooperation with University of Greenwich and INTEVENG (division of Express Publishing Group) based on certified exams – the Vocational English Certificate (VEC) organized at our university. This VEC exams with different specialties in vocabulary (e.g. management I, management II, business communication) is an exam recognized by the biggest companies all over the world. It tests language qualifications of people using English in office work as well as in international business. A unique International Certificate focusing on English for Specific Purposes (ESP) - VEC is an innovative examination that covers the widest variety of professions in the current market. As such, it provides a solid reference for your linguistic skills in your chosen career and can provide a competitive advantage on your CV.

The globalization of local markets in recent years has created countless opportunities in the professional arena, allowing for unprecedented mobility in the workforce. However, these changes are also creating new challenges and the ability to communicate in an international professional environment is becoming of paramount importance. In response to these modern demands, Express Publishing and the University of Greenwich launched a partnership to develop and establish the Vocational English Certification (VEC). INTERVENG is a division of Express Publishing, set up with the sole purpose of administering the VEC assessment and examination model. And these exams are going to be held in our University  Examination and Training Centre since July 2018 . 

To fulfill the need of improving the language skills of students with average levels of English our university offers the Professional English Training  for VEC language courses within the study programme – 3 courses are included within study curriculum (no additional fees). Each student will gain a certificate of attendance on extra Professional English Training for VEC after finishing the course every year. Additionally  every course that prepares the participants to certain topic of VEC (97 different fields of expertise on vocabulary – e.g. management, business negotiations, tourism, hospitality, IT, economics, marketing, e-commerce etc. as well as a medical ones: nursing, physiotherapy, beauty salon etc.) ends with an exam organized by AG INTERVENG centre in Katowice (building C). The exam is paid 350 PLN (about 78 Euro) and the certificate of VEC is issued by University of Greenwich and INTERVENG (division of Express Publishing Group).  and if a student is even more interested in gaining additional skills – there are also additional language courses (not included within study programme) during the studies for students who are interested in improving their language skills even more.

We encourage you to sign up for the course even today. You can see the prices for the course and the exam below:

For whom Discount price(until the end of February) Fixed price
Student/Graduate of KBU with a friend 440 PLN 520 PLN
Student/Graduate of KBU alone 480 PLN 520 PLN
People from outside the KBU 600 PLN 650 PLN
People from outside the KBU with a friend 580 PLN 650 PLN
VEC Examination --------- 350 PLN



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