Górnośląska Wyższa Szkoła Handlowa im. Wojciecha Korgantego - Uczelnia Akademicka


  • Studies: MANAGEMENT
  • Studies level: first cycle study programme (degree: licencjat) - Bachelor level
  • Specialization: International Business and Tourism
  • Studies form: full time studies
  • Period of studies: 3 years (6 semesters)
  • Language: English
  • Total ECTS: 180
  • The opening of above mentioned field of study is made conditional on the number of applicants.


International Business and Tourism

Description of specialisation

The main goals of this study programme are to prepare and educate students to become specialists within their chosen spheres of Business and Tourism, as main fields of interests for international and entrepreneurs, as well as domestic ones, who are potential employers for these students. This programme is addressed to students who would like to understand marketing strategies on global market, EU market, especially Central and Eastern European markets including Polish market and its features. The deep understanding of contemporary environment to can maximize potential for companies entering these markets and develop market share within their chosen sector(s). Modern study programme will help to make bold marketing decisions and achieve the company goals on the chosen market.

 This specialization is aimed especially at International Students who wish to complete their studies within our acclaimed Exchange Programme at first cycle of studies. It is also aimed at students who wish to continue their education in English or those who may wish to work for International Companies within Poland or abroad. Two main sectors that academic lecturers and practitioners will present during this programme are the most interesting for international competitors and investors. After finishing this course and gaining the qualifications which are recognized worldwide, the student (postgraduate) will be able to use English with their skills with confidence within any business or social environment they should ever encounter.

 During the studies there is also the special subject connected directly to Polish language and culture (business, social and economic) that will help in understanding the rules of marketing and management in business and tourism.

To fulfill the need of improving the language skills of students with average levels of English our university offers the option of additional language courses during the studies for students who are interested in improving their language skills even more. As well as other foreign languages that students might be interested in.

Profile Alumni:

 For those students who rise to the challenge, reach for the sky and succeed. Personal growth, the will to be the best, to make your dreams a reality, are all at your fingertips here at GWSH (KSE). Today’s labour market requires alumni that are well prepared. This challenge of the contemporary world is accomplished within an interesting study programme such as is offered here by the Katowice School of Economics.



          1.          Microeconomics

          2.          Elements of mathematics

          3.          Introduction to Business Law

          4.          Fundamentals of Company Finance

          5.          Fundamentals of management

          6.          Business Statistics

          7.          Fundamentals of marketing

          8.          Fundamentals of accounting

          9.          International entrepreneurship

        10.        Organisational sciences

        11.        Marketing research

        12.        Management of international business projects

        13.        Human resources management in international environment

        14.        Organizational management in Europe

        15.        Environmental management

        16.        Financial accounting

        17.        European quality management standards

        18.        International intellectual property protection law

        19.        Business Information Technology

        20.        Language

        21.        Sports

        22.        Polish Language and Culture

        23.       Internship



SPECIALIZATION: International Business and Tourism

           1.          Corporate social responsibility

          2.          Internationalization of companies

          3.          Międzynarodowe otoczenie przedsiębiorstwa

          4.          Tourism management and organization

          5.          Consumer behaviour in international market

          6.          European Union Institutions and Policies

          7.          International marketing in Europe

          8.          Marketing strategies in CEE markets

          9.          Sustainable development in tourism and business

        10.        Psychology in international business

        11.        International business negotiations

        12.        Language

        13.        Bachelor seminar (thesis)


Enquires about the application documents and fees should be sent to int.office@gwsh.pl

 Katowice School of Economics (GWSH) reserves the right to modify to the study programme.

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