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Application documents


Application procedure I

– on the basis of secondary school leaving certificate


Principles of enrolment into First Cycle Studies (title: Licencjat – 3 years – 6 semesters) and One-tier magister-level studies (tile: Magister – 5 years – 10 semesters).



ENGLISH – requirements (in case of studies where language of instruction is ENGLISH)

  1. We recognize your knowledge of English if:
  • You are a Candidate from a country where English is the official language or one of such languages or any other country in which you received your education in English
  • You are a Candidate from non-English speaking countries or having not completed your higher/ secondary education in English, but if you have an international language certificate: TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, etc (see the list) that proves their knowledge of English at B2 level.

These diplomas or certificates must be translated into Polish by the  sworn translator (if the document has been prepared in other language than English).

POLISH – requirements (in case of studies where language of instruction is POLISH)

Required: a document confirming the knowledge of Polish language at the level enabling the candidate to take up study in Polish.

Following documents are accepted:

  •  A certificate, a diploma or any other document confirming graduation from a higher/secondary school where the language of instruction was Polish or
  • Certificate of knowledge of Polish language issued by the State Commission “Państwowa Komisja Poświadczania Znajomości Języka Polskiego jako Obcego” or
  • A certificate/confirmation of completing the Polish language course for academic purposes.

We accept also candidates who:

  •  completed the one-year course for the candidates of studies in Polish language in the schools appointed by the Ministry for Higher Education or
  • obtained the special ‘confirmation of Polish language knowledge’ from our university.




1. Completed application form

2. A copy of the secondary School-leaving certificate/Maturity certificate (the original certificate provided to KSE for inspection after arrival ) which gives access to study at any type of higher education institutions,
+ Supplement to the certificate (if issued)
+ Translation into Polish by Polish sworn translator
+ Apostille or Legalization must be provided on the document
+ Recognition certificate* (required for some countries only*).

3. If a school certificate obtained abroad contain no clause confirming the right of its holder to seek admission to any higher education institution in the country in whose education system the institution that issued the certificate operates, there is a need to attach the document certifying the existence of such a right, issued by

  • the state educational authorities in your country or
  • Candidate’s school/institution, which issued the secondary school leaving certificate.

together with the translation into Polish made by the accredited in Poland/UE sworn translator.

4. Copy of the Candidate's Passport + translation into Polish by sworn translator if the document has been issued in other language than English

5. Only EU’s citizens: Copy of the EU's Candidate's Identification Document (ID) + translation into Polish by sworn translator if the document has been issued in other language than English

6. 2 photographs revealing the Candidate's present appearance, (size 4.5 x 3.5 cm)

7. Medical certificate certifying the Candidate is eligible for study abroad: sample of the confirmation available here (to be completed in English). A Candidate may send us also a certificate which is completed on the local pattern of his/her home country -this should be have sworn translation into Polish if not issued in English.

8. A Preliminary Education Service Agreement (Student - KSE)

9. Copy of proofs of payment of an entrance fee, registration fee and a tuition fee for the 1st year of study

10. Copy of the insurance policy is case of illness or accident for the whole period of the student's stay in Poland or the European Health Insurance Card  or insurance against accidents.

NOTE: After signing the Preliminary Education Service Agreement (between KSE and Candidate) and paying the tuition fee in advance, KSE may send to the candidate a (Conditional) Decision on Admission to Studies at KSE and Confirmation of acceptance.  Only then the student can apply for a visa.


After arrival to Poland a candidate is obliged to:

  • submit for inspection the original of the School-leaving certificate/Maturity certificate, mentioned above.
  • sign the final Education Service Agreement (Student – KSE)
  • * submit recognition confirmation (in case Student has not provided that certificate before arrival)

Not following the above procedure may conclude with crossing off the students' list.

Applicants for Cosmetology, Nursing and Physiotherapy may be asked to provide additional documents and medical certificates - the detailed information is to be given on request ( int.office@gwsh.pl )



* If the School – leaving Certificate obtained abroad is not recognized on the basis of international bilateral agreements or automatically recognized by the operation of law, then the certificates should be recognized by the state authority in Katowice (Kuratorium Oświaty) = read: III. RECOGNITION PROCEEDINGS BY PROVINCE EDUCATION SUPERINTENDENTS

This procedure is not paid unless the interview is requested by the authority.
Recognition procedure may require to submit the additional documents which should be prepared before candidate's arrival to Poland.
This recognition by Kuratorium Oświaty must be done no later than until the end of the first semester of studies.


Ministry information on Recognition of foreign school certificates and diplomas in Poland:

 In case you have any questions or doubts you can contact us:


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